client spotlight: Soleia Co.

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Berry Interesting Productions provides coaching and education for Soleia Co. to manage and update their own WordPress websiteAfter a change in the structure of their business left husband & wife team Richard & Debby Stocks with a WordPress website to care for and a desire to handle it in-house, they sought us out for help learning how to do more than just update posts.

After an initial discovery session where we took stock of their site, organized the login credentials for the various site-related accounts (domain, hosting, theme licensing), got their site updated & current on licensing, we’ve continued to help them with various troubleshooting tasks that are often confounding to those who are moving from site updating to site management.

The most recent help we provided was handling the Google PageSpeed depreciation that left their site “broken” – initially, it showed a standard Google-generated error message, and after we completed Google’s turndown recommendations, we were still left with broken images across the site. This happened at a time when neither Richard or Debby could handle puzzling through the problem, so BIPI stepped in and resolved it.

It can be terrifying to take on the continued development and maintenance of your site, only to encounter error messages that might as well be written in a foreign language or broken-image symbols that seem to have no obvious cause. While Berry Interesting does offer WordPress care plans to help clients avoid this terror, we’re also here to hold your hand while you puzzle through solving the issue, enabling you to confidently take charge of your own website in-house.

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