Accessibility Policy

More Careful Work From Our Fine Print Gnomes

We are committed to making sure our information is accessible to all, so please do not hesitate to contact us if you find this site to be inaccessible to you.

Steps We Have Taken to Improve the Accessibility of This Website

Ongoing Efforts

– adding alt-text or marking images as decorative
– scanning our site on a monthly basis for any new accessibility issues

October 2023

– updated our theme to keep it current with accessibility best practices
– reviewed every page for compatibility with a variety of screen sizes and devices
– reviewed copy contrast site-wide

December 2020

– changed to a new, more modern theme that was coded with accessibility in mind
– full content re-write to make information more easily parsed by screenreaders

September 2017

– installed and configured theWP Accessibility plugin
– used the WAVE browser extension to analyze the site and improve color contrast
– changed the CSS of our site to improve color contrast
– added links to download Adobe Reader where necessary
– added this page to the site to help users who require additional access assistance

During the Original Site Build

– added alt-text to all images as necessary
– used properly-nested <h> tags to articulate page structure (no <h> tags used for visual presentation)