Our Crew

Meet the Team

Our Berry Interesting team, much like a fine wine, has been fermenting together for over a decade. Our growth has been all-natural, progressing from a solitary digital guru to a bustling hive of tech-savvy mavens scattered across the nation.

The shared thread that binds us? A borderline fanatical dedication to nurturing meaningful, enduring connections among our crew and with our clients. This passion kick-starts our day and fuels our work. We’re thrilled that you’re keen to get to know us, and we’re chomping at the bit to meet you too!

headshot-style photo of D'nelle, wearing a black jacket and blue camisole.

D’nelle Dowis

Founder & Owner
Mountain Time | GMT -7

D’nelle is a certified UX Specialist in Interactive Design and wears many of the hats needed to make a small business run smoothly. She primarily focuses on client relationships and account management, with a soupçon of project management tossed in for flavor. Currently, she’s a touch obsessed with Large Language Model AI tools, like ChatGPT, and their potential for increasing efficiency (and the available time for napping).

When she’s not at her desk, she likes to go hiking, practice yoga, tend to her backyard garden, and experiment with new baking recipes.

headshot-style photo of D'nelle, wearing a black jacket and blue camisole.

Chris Dowis

Owner & COO
Mountain Time | GMT -7

Chris formally joined Berry Interesting in 2017 after 20 years as a touring drum tech and 6 years of supporting D’nelle as she grew Berry Interesting. Chris keeps our back-office operations running like a well-oiled machine and is responsible for all of our in-house client photography needs, including product photography for eCommerce and content generation for social media channels.

When he’s not worrying about invoicing, you can find him on the road as a stage manager for live music tours, running a teleprompter for large events, at his electronic drum kit, or traipsing around Colorado back roads, searching for the perfect nature photo.

headshot-style photo of D'nelle, wearing a black jacket and blue camisole.

Marissa Ezell

Senior Developer
Eastern Time | GMT -5

Marissa Ezell joined BIPi in 2018 as a content implementation specialist and quickly proved herself to be a brilliant designer and crack WordPress developer. She was a Clinical Social Worker for over 15 years before delving into the digital world. It may sound like quite a shift, but at the root she is still focused on finding and implementing solutions to solve problems and accomplish goals for her clients. Now there is just less crying involved.

In her free time (what is free time?), you’ll likely find Marissa treasure hunting at a thrift store, reading YA fiction, or daydreaming about her next travel adventure.

Photo of a dog with her pink tongue hanging out

Cecelia “Cece” Dowis

VP of Barketing

Cecelia joined Berry Interesting in the winter of 2013. She has handled all of our internal barketing needs from the beginning and was promoted to VP in the fall of 2015 in recognition of her outstanding efforts to promote the brand.

Rhiannon “Annie” Dowis

Director of Paw-perations

Annie started at Berry Interesting as a temp in the summer of 2015 and quickly proved her worth around the office, so much so that she joined the team permanently that fall. Not only does she keep things running smoothly around the office, she’s currently responsible for maintaining our internal H Arrrrrr policies and has built a robust napping policy for the team that she obsessively monitors.

We’re not just technical support specialists, or developers, or project managers; we’re your marketing-savvy guides through the technical jungle.