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Website (re)development and (re)design

When it comes to site builds, we’re picky. We like to think of ourselves as the goldilocks of website development – it has to be just right. That’s why we prioritize our ongoing relationship with our clients. Many development agencies and freelance developers are all about the build, and less about the long-term health of your site. Don’t get us wrong – one-night-stands can be fun, but we’re alllll about the LTR when it comes to websites!

Most of our clients come to us with websites that are already doing a stand-up job for their business. We get it – why throw a bucketful of money at a redesign unless you have an awfully good reason? That’s why we prioritize strategic, incremental improvements, squeezing every ounce of value out of existing tools. Many of our client relationships start with some heavy remediation and functionality enhancement on sites they bring to us.

Renewing Websites for Growth

There’s no getting around the fact that websites age. The bigger your business, the more likely a full redesign will be a necessary part of our journey together. We also understand that some of our future favorite clients have sites that are truly at the end of their usefulness and need a refresh or a complete rethinking right away in order to truly support business growth. Our Greenhouse program allows you to spread the cost of your site build over the span of 12 months (alongside support fees), so that your new site supports you now, whether your current budget or cash flow can accommodate a large, one-time expense.

The average Berry Interesting website build runs about $12,600, with an average range of $6,500 to $27,000. This depends on a bunch of factors including the size of the site, the complexity of existing or desired functionality, the level of design, copy, or SEO support needed, and more. Dig into our Pricing Page for the nitty gritty.

The bottom line? Our first priority is supporting you and building trust between us, whether we’re updating a plugin or scoping out a totally new site. We won’t disappear into thin air or run off to join the circus, we promise (even though some of us can juggle). We care deeply about your website’s ability to support your marketing efforts for the long haul – it’s the digital backbone of your business. So, while you may find us building or redesigning a client site 3 or 4 times a year, our true focus is always ensuring that your marketing team has the support it needs to concentrate on strategy and operations.


So, are you ready to take your website from frustrating to fantastic?

In Full Bloom: Explore These Websites We’ve Recently Cultivated

Improved UX & A Custom Plugin for Radsource

Feast your eyes on the rejuvenated website – a perfect blend of contemporary design suited for the medical field, attention to the technical demands of modernizing a codebase, and custom creation of an image viewer plugin suited to the unique needs of Radsource’s MRI Web Clinics. Not only that, this site now uses the same set of tools as their clients-only knowledgebase site, making site use a breeze for their “marketing department of one” and their client services team. This isn’t just a redesign, it’s a leap into the digital future of modern medical imaging services. Click to check out the new

An Award-worthy Design Refresh for Novo Fitness

The newly redesigned and reimagined is a testament to how our technical website support fosters extraordinary digital marketing success. This site, an embodiment of Novo’s brand identity, recently bagged the Web Excellence Award for Best Fitness Website. Our technical support has been a constant since 2018, fostering Novo’s digital growth, and is an excellent example of how our support results in award-winning design. This isn’t just a redesign; it’s a symbol of our commitment to providing stellar long-term marketing support that drives revenue. Click through to explore this award-winning site.

A Storybrand Transformation for Avicenna Denver

Avicenna’s newly refreshed site didn’t just get a new design; it rewrote its most important copy – the home and testimonial pages – using the Storybrand methodology. The new site truly reflects the founders’ dedication to individualized, patient-centric care. Avicenna originally had a hand-coded HTML site; as we moved them to WordPress, we also leveled up their digital marketing game. This isn’t just a design refresh; it’s a testament to our commitment to customizing sites based on individual client’s needs. Click through to experience the new

We believe websites should pay for themselves through lead generation, brand awareness, and even acting as a direct revenue stream.