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The thing about websites – builds, support, troubleshooting – is that things tend to get really muddy, really fast. When we’re helping you plot out your next website move, that website doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Depending on your specific situation, you may also need a laundry list of other things, like an email marketing account set up and connected to your site, or an SEO specialist to craft SERP-worthy page titles & meta descriptions.

As much as we love that we’ve niched ourselves into WordPress website support, know that your work is so much broader than just that website! Our support activities routinely push us into website-adjacent spaces, like G Suite setup and troubleshooting, email marketing, SEO, copywriting, design, and strategy. Of course, none of us can be everything to everyone. That’s why we have a broad network of subject matter experts we can call on whenever our clients are in need.

Auxiliary Digital Services From Berry Interesting

G Suite/Google Account Management & Support

Not only does the BIPi team use G Suite to power our operations, we’ve been setting up, managing, and supporting our clients who are also G Suiters. If you need help navigating the G Suite maze, you can rest assured… you’ve got mail. And Docs. And Sheets. All while we’ve got it all under control. We’re not just your website support, we’re your G Suite lifeguards, too. Here to make sure you’re swimming, not sinking, when it comes to the business operations end of your tech stack.

Email Marketing Account Services

Navigating email marketing tools can be daunting, but fear not, we’ve got you covered! BIPi maintains a corporate Emma account for clients, making onboarding and management a breeze. While Emma’s retail costs are compared to Constant Contact or MailChimp, our plans are tailored for budget-conscious clients needing enterprise-level service. We offer a solution that grows with you until you’re ready to step out on your own. For pricing details, check out our Pricing page.

Intrigued by our Emma email marketing services? Give us a shout! We’d love to set you up with an account of your own.

DNS Management & Support

At Berry Interesting, we consider DNS management as one of our lesser-known, but possibly our most useful, superpowers. In fact, we enjoy this responsibility – we do get a kick out of being in control (in case you couldn’t tell that already). But in all seriousness, effectively managing DNS ensures that our clients’ domain traffic is swiftly and securely routed on the internet. We proudly use Cloudflare for this technical task, renowned for its lightning-fast and secure DNS management services. By handling this for our support plan clients, we’re not just flexing our control muscles, we’re optimizing your website’s efficiency and speed. Trust us, you’ll appreciate the smooth sailing, and we’ll enjoy charting the course!

Branding, Graphics, Iconography, & Stock Photo Curation

Branding isn’t just about logos and color schemes – it’s about personality, presence, and of course, panache (we’ve got a thing for alliteration, if you couldn’t tell). We’ve been using Adobe Creative Suite since we were all knee-high to grasshoppers, and we just adore delivering standout graphics and iconography that help your brand sing. Whether you’re in need of a full brand refresh, a build-out of comprehensive brand standards for your existing logo & palette, or bespoke icon sets that make your competitors green with envy, we’re here. The striking visuals you see across our site, socials, and recent website transformations? All home-grown. And let’s not forget photography, the secret sauce that brings design to life. A well-curated stock photo or a custom shoot can turn a good design into a showstopper. Whether you need these services as part of a website build or refresh, or simply to handle the overflow from your team, we’re your go-to.

Our Network of Subject Matter Experts

Berry Interesting leverages our extensive network of partners to deliver exceptional services, even when those services aren’t handled in-house. Just as we customize our support packages based on our clients’ unique needs, we believe in assembling the exact right team of specialists and SMEs based on what our clients need. Whether it’s an expert review of your existing marketing strategy, management & buildout of your CRM (like HubSpot or Salesforce), ongoing email marketing management, ongoing or project-based copywriting services, branding design (like logos, brand standards, or ongoing graphic design support), SEO services (everything from account config and analytics reporting to keyword research or ad management), or social strategy & ad management, our network ensures that there’s always someone we trust to recommend to you.

Jasz Rae Digital

Jasz Rae Digital specializes in building systems and growth strategies to help service-based agencies generate leads with a consultative approach.

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Sara Neal Photography

Don’t let the name fool you… Sara Neal Photography is so much more than photos. She’s our go-to for stellar website and social media graphics for ourselves and our clients.

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Pilot Solutions

Pilot Solutions is our go-to for SEO strategy, both on- and off-site. They consult on new site builds and provide ongoing strategy and reporting for clients focused on their search engine presentation.

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Copper Leaf Creative

Copper Leaf is a team of fantastic developers and WordPress specialists in Loveland, CO. We partner with them for hosting support and complex WordPress builds.

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We don’t just offer support – we provide a lasting partnership that empowers your digital marketing operations to thrive and excel.