Technical Website Assessments

We Focus On What’s Right With Your Site

When was the last time you got a cold email from someone pointing out something “broken” on your website and offering to quote fixing it for you…? If you’re like us, it was probably some time in the last week.

Those fear-inducing emails are a great way to get your attention, but not exactly a great way to build trust. Those emails in our own inboxes, combined with our team’s deep desire to see every website thrive, is how we came to create our Technical Website Assessments. They’re more than just a once-over of your website; they’re a way for us to have your back from the very beginning, bringing you clarity on where to start, building trust between us, and positioning you in the best possible way to get the internal buy-in you need for making your website sing.

So, Do You Need a Website Assessment?

Forgetting those cold emails for a moment… has a well-meaning customer or friend pointed out a glitch on your site? Or worse, have you updated a plugin yourself, only to discover that part of your site is down, or inaccessible, or clearly broken? It’s time to take action. And while you might be itching to get hands-on (you intrepid little DIYer, you!), we can tell you from experience that your best bet is to have an expert team looking out for you.

With over 15 years in business and more than 225 website builds under our belt, we’ve got the experience and enthusiasm to help you identify just how to bring your site into alignment with your needs. Our technical site assessments are designed to give you a prioritized roadmap to improve your website’s performance, functionality, and user experience. Our assessment reports, tailored to your needs, are packed full of actionable tips to optimize your website, driving more traffic and conversions.

Tier I

Our most basic assessment puts our team’s technical expertise to work for you without busting your budget. Our extensive knowledge and experience will give you a 360º understanding of #whatsrightwithyoursite


  • Full review of your site by our development team
  • All of your web properties info synthesized into the same workbook format we use for keeping our clients’ information tidy
  • A comprehensive report of our review, for internal use by your marketing team
  • 3 prioritized action items for your team to take, with an emphasis on things your team can handle internally

Tier II

This assessment not only focuses on actionable items for your team, it prepares you to advocate for your team’s specific needs with higher-ups and with other departments within your organization.


  • Everything from Tier I
  • An hour-long review session with our development team to answer any questions or concerns you have in regards to our report and your team’s unique challenges
  • A boardroom-ready, light-on-technical-terms pitch deck highlighting the most salient findings from our assessment, designed specifically to support you as you advocate for more resources or more control from your organization

Tier III

This assessment puts our most rigorous process – the one we use for our concierge-level support clients – to work for you, and is the best possible way to tackle a site that’s currently confounding all of your best marketing efforts.


  • Everything from Tier II
  • A live assessment session with the BIPi team, as well as up to 3 specialists from our network, where your team can ask questions of SMEs already familiar with your site and your needs
  • A 15% discount on your first year of support services from Berry Interesting, good for up to one year from the date of the live assessment session.

We Know You’re Savvy Enough to DIY This…

If you’re not sure about the value of outsourcing an assessment, you can download our free “8-Point Website Self-Assessment Guide”. Based on the process that we use when we perform assessments, our guide is both educational and practical, meant to empower you to perform your own basic website audit and get clarity on what actions you and your team should truly prioritize.

…But You Don’t Have To!

Of course, you wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t already overburdened with your actual job duties, right? Your next step is to reach out to Berry Interesting. While you focus on growing your business, we’ll stand guard over your site, ensuring it’s not just good, but ‘oh-my-goodness-great’! And hey, kudos to you for taking proactive steps to ensure your website is well-tended. We’re rooting for you!

We’re not just tech support – we’re your proactive, scrappy co-pilot on the journey from website woes to website WOW.