Smart Services Delivered at the Right Price

Whether it’s knowing how long a project will take, to budgeting for the right expenses, to getting the most value for your money, BIPi is the right partner to support your business.

Our estimated pricing below gives you an idea of BIPi services. Don’t see something that would help your business develop? Let us know, and we can develop a custom quote. We guarantee quality service and prompt, individualized attention for every project. Of course, you can contact us any time to learn more.

Website Support Plans

We strongly encourage all clients to enroll in one of our three site support plans, starting at $180/month. Site support plans allow us to keep costs low and efficiency high by allowing us to care for your site on a regular basis.

Support clients also benefit from (10%-15%) lower hourly rates and higher priority in the production queue.

Hourly Website Support

If recurring charges aren’t your cup of tea, we totally understand!

We provide as-needed website support at $200/hour.

Roadmapping & Project Ideation

Some projects call for in-depth, time-consuming brainstorming and planning even before development costs can be estimated.

This process is both independent from and integral to larger development projects. It saves everyone from the most unpleasant of surprises – large, unexpected costs.

The good news is that a roadmap can be used by any development team you might want to work with. It’s a proposal on steroids, with all the tools and architecture for your project already detailed – it’s a true roadmap! You’ll get specific development recommendations along with an accurate cost for BIPi’s fulfillment services.

Roadmapping starts at $1,080 for a half-day session with our development team.

Website Design and Development

Website design and development services start at $180/hour, and, depending on the complexity of your development requirements, can reach $450/hour.

Our most popular design & development service is our BIPi Greenhouse, which starts at $599/month.

The overall cost of a website very much depends on your specific needs (ex: do you need copywriting? Will we purchase stock photography? Are there specific integrations required?).

Our most basic WordPress site development service is $5,400.

E-commerce site development generally starts at $14,400.


On average, the initial cost of a BIPi website is $27,000.

Project Management and Consultation

BIPi was started by a project manager, and we continue to value consistent communication and almost-over-the-top information management.

If you’re looking for help with management of a specific project or advice on the bigger picture of optimizing your web operations/marketing department, we’ve got your back.

Project management consultation starts at $240/hour with a minimum commitment of 10 hours.

Email Marketing Account Fees

After completing a comprehensive review of the email marketing tools available, BIPi is pleased to offer one of the most comprehensive resources for your business marketing needs: Emma by Marigold Agency.

As an Emma by Marigold Agency Partner, we offer email marketing account services with all the bells and whistles – plus a little hand-holding – based on the number of contacts in your audience.

Emma account fees are as follows:
$25/month for up to 500 contacts / 5,000 emails
$40/month for up to 1,500 contacts / 15,000 emails
$75/month for up to 2,500 contacts / 25,000 emails
$100/month for up to 5,000 contacts / 50,000 emails
$125/month for up to 10,000 contacts / 100,000 emails
$200/month for up to 15,000 contacts / 150,000 emails
$275/month for up to 20,000 contacts / 200,000 emails
$325/month for up to 25,000 contacts / 250,000 emails

To compare our fees to Emma’s retail pricing, visit their site. Our pricing is competitive with the MailChimp standard plan and the Constant Contact Standard plan.

Concierge Marketing Services

Sometimes, you really just want someone to handle things for you!

We totally get it (because we’ve been there ourselves).

Our concierge marketing services (like email marketing campaign configuration, social media account setup & management, or automation) start at $200/hour.

SquareSpace Sites and Landing Pages

Building a microsite is different from developing a website from the ground up, and, based on site requirements, is typically a more cost-effective, simpler build.

After a full discussion, a project estimate will be prepared addressing a specific project.

Development and customization starts at $180/hour. The cost of a BIPi-built microsite starts at $3600 and averages $5400. Our Squarespace sites qualify for our Greenhouse service.


We understand that your website working 24/7 is critical for your business… and we also understand that sometimes you just have to have something NOW!

At any given time, you can expect a task to require 7-10 days lead time given our current volume of work.

The BIPi team makes every attempt to set your expectations as to when a request can be addressed at the time it is submitted, and we welcome communication about deadlines and business requirements.

If you require a 24-48 hour turn-time, we will do everything we can to accommodate you, but there is a 25% surcharge.

We are happy to provide emergency, on-demand, at-all-hours, drop-everything-else, regardless-of-holidays-and-weekend service, but due to the nature of this work, we bill at $500/hour for any extraordinary circumstances that demand same-day service.

Our Partners

While the BIPi crew is a lean, mean developing machine, we know that we, individually, might not be the specific expert that your project needs.

We maintain a large network of specialists so that, when the project calls for it, we can bring in the perfect pro to take you where you want to go. Meet some of our partners.

Pricing for services through our partners varies according to their specific pricing structures, from $100/hour to $300+. For a quote on something specific, just give us a shout.

We believe websites should pay for themselves through lead generation, brand awareness, and even acting as a revenue stream.