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Roadmapping is more than just a “discovery” session – it is the process of defining where you are now, where you want to be, and how to get there.

We’ll start by scheduling a Roadmapping session where together we’ll brainstorm, dig into details, set project goals, and define the scope of work for this project (plus noting any “wishlist” items to be implemented later).

Then, we go “back to the lab”, boil it all down, do some research, write it all up, and create your Project Roadmap, which includes:

  • A to-do list detailing what you’ll need to complete in preparation for the project
  • Assignment of responsibilities through each stage of our Development Process
  • Estimated time for how long each phase in the development process will take
  • Total estimated project cost

Finally, we’ll compare calendars and – when you’re ready – get your project started!

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