Website Support Packages

Unbeatable ROI For the Short- & Long-Term

No matter your roles, you need to ensure that every marketing purchase provides clear and consistent returns on investment. That’s why we’ve thoughtfully crafted website support packages that offer you unmatched value and time-saving benefits that average a 260% return on your spend.

Of course, the hard numbers aren’t the only concern. Our website support packages will allow you and your team to say goodbye to the tedious, time-sapping task of website management. The ROI you’ll see from our packages isn’t just in dollars—it’s in the countless hours you’ll save each month. You can instead invest that time where it matters most: strategically steering your team and your business towards success. Coupled with our commitment to the long-term health and success of your digital properties, we’re not just a support team—we’re an investment in your business’s future.

Hand-Picked Website Support

Cultivating a robust and thriving online presence can often feel like tending a weed-prone, overgrown garden. Introducing BIPi – your geeky, empathetic, and slightly irreverent gardeners. Our philosophy is simple: overworked marketers shouldn’t have to think about website maintenance. We’re here to prune the chaos and protect your website from the digital pests that can wreak havoc when it comes to marketing operations. No more dreaded plugin updates that break your site and leave you struggling with DIY fixes. With BIPi, your website stays lush and lively, enabling you to focus on your business goals.

We offer three support tiers for WordPress websites, each designed to support the different stages of your business growth journey. But we’re serious when we refer to ourselves as “boutique” – each of our tiers are made to be deliberately flexible to easily adjust to your unique needs.

Choose the package that you suspect best fits your business needs, and then reach out to us. Once we know a little bit more about your specific situation, we’ll ultimately build a support package that is exactly what you and your team need.

But what if you have a Squarespace site?

Whether you’re a tender shoot or a seasoned oak, our website support is here to help you thrive online.