Squarespace Support

Hassle-Free Help With Your Squarespace Site

For folks using the Squarespace platform, our Squarespace Website Support Package positions you for long-term site stability with the added bonus of our years of expertise. We provide the same consistency of service and infrastructure of the bigger packages without breaking the bank. Your cost starts at $90/month plus Squarespace fees.

What's the ROI?

You’ll see a real value of over $360 from this package, plus an average of 2 hours per month back in your calendar.

The following are included in the Squarespace Support Package

  • Squarespace site hosting (the squarespace plan you select dictates this cost; if you choose to pay Squarespace directly, this doesn’t apply)
  • Twice-monthly “site walks” to ensure consistency in functionality & user experience
  • Priority support – jump to the front of the production queue
  • Dashboard Management
  • 1/2 hour of Fast Tasks or consultation per month
  • Task management and record-keeping
  • Online scheduling with our support staff
  • Google tools installation & data tracking
  • Standard SSL security certificate
  • Slack channel membership upon request
  • No invoice minimums, smaller billing increments
  • Cancel any time
Of course, there are discounts for our plans if you pay quarterly or annually.

Add an additional website to your plan, and get support for the additional site for 10% off!

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Not quite the package for you?

If our ready-made packages aren’t quite your cup of tea, worry not! We’re happy to build a custom package that perfectly fits your needs. Just like every seed needs its unique nourishment, your support needs won’t always fit into an neat little box. Customization is the key to thriving in the digital jungle, and we’ve got your back(end). Reach out today and we’ll cultivate a perfect, customized package, just for you.

Whether you’re a tender shoot or a seasoned oak, our website support is here to help you thrive online.