The BIPi Greenhouse

Are You Lost in the Weeds and Feeling the Decision Fatigue?

Over our years of pruning and perfecting websites, we’ve noticed a common briar patch encountered by new and quickly-growing businesses: decision fatigue and overwhelm.

Digital marketers aren’t just focused on planting seeds with incoming leads, or cultivating new relationships in that vulnerable seedling stage… you’re paying attention to the whole lifecycle! As website experts, we’ve pretty much seen it all… and that’s why we created the BIPi Greenhouse – a little walled garden where your new-website worries are pruned away so that you can pay attention to growing your business without being pestered by the little – and not-so-little – technical bugs that can otherwise drive you mad!

Enter the BIPi Greenhouse – a veritable Garden of Eden where your business can sprout, bloom, and thrive.

Is Your Website Only Partially Built, Not Built at All, or In Need of a Rebuild?

Facing a big website project, especially if you’ve already got a site that’s sorta, kinda working, can be truly exhausting to contemplate, both from the amount of work you’ll have to do, the sheer number of decisions you’ll be faced with, and from the perspective of considering your budget.
At Berry Interesting, we’re all about helping you make smart decisions with your time and your budget. The BIPi Greenhouse is a safe place for your website to be rehabilitated without worrying about your cash flow.

The BIPi Greenhouse empowers you to quickly transform your site into a tool that’s working on your behalf, helping you grow your business, all while knowing that the BIPi team has your back for the long haul. Our clients constantly tell us that the BIPi Greenhouse gives them “website peace of mind,” knowing that a seasoned team is helping them take their website to the next level.

By bringing your site to the BIPi Greenhouse, you’ll reap the fruits of our technical expertise from day one. We’ll examine your current website (if you have one), learn about your business goals, and work together to create a strategy for transforming your site into a true asset to your business. If a rebuild or serious remediation is in order, we’ll plot out the best way to keep your site working for you while that happens. Then, we’ll bring your site into the safest place we know of – a BIPi Website Support Plan – where our team of experts will keep a close eye on it during those first few vulnerable months. We’ll provide training to you and your team to ensure you’re about to make the most of your site while focusing on what’s important: your vision, your ideas, and your brand.

Get Your Website the Care and Attention It Deserves

To become a member of the BIPi Greenhouse and start reaping the benefits of our attentive care, all you have to do is apply below. We’ll reach out to confirm your application details and discuss your business plans and goals to ensure the BIPi Greenhouse is the perfect environment for your business’s website to thrive.

Our BIPi Greenhouse membership is essentially financing a site build or rehabilitation process, with a one-year commitment. At the end of your year in the BIPi Greenhouse, we’ll work with you to transition to one of our support plans, or to hand over the website to the care of your own team. While we’re confident that you’ll quickly come to appreciate our ongoing support, we’ll never “hold your site hostage”. This is all about what’s best for you and your business!

To learn more about what it will take to bring your website into the warm and comfy confines of the BIPi Greenhouse, fill out the form below, and we’ll be in touch!

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