client spotlight: Andy May & Swift River Music (and it’s sister site, were originally built on KarmaCMS, a content management platform that housed all of their content on a central server alongside the WYSIWYG content editor that Andy & Lauren may paid for monthly.

When they approached BIPI, their site had outgrown the KarmaCMS and they were looking for more functionality & control over their content.

The key to this project was Lauren May’s involvement. As Andy’s webmaster & tech guru for many years, Lauren did not want to give up her role but wanted to be able to move on to newer web technologies that would allow for greater control over their sites.

Creating was a unique experience. Using WordPress and several different iThemes tools (including Builder), D’nelle and Lauren worked together on the entirety of the build, with Lauren logging about 75% of the development hours herself. D’nelle served mainly as an educational resource (as well as doing some tasks when deadlines got tight or Lauren & Andy wanted customizations that required some deeper coding).

The coolest part of the project was seeing Lauren grow from an HTML hacker into a full-fledged WordPress developer.

Click the thumbnails above to see Melissa’s ideas for her site, composed in PowerPoint. You can also review the design elements used during design brainstorming (download the original .pptx file)

The next part of her project is developing, using what she learned from to create a WordPress site on her own. Since she started work on, web standards have changed and now sites are expected to be mobile-optimized. The theme Lauren is working with for the new Swift River Music site is responsive, so she’s continuing to develop her skills to keep pace with changing web technologies.

services provided as a part of this project: coaching & education • WordPress website support • social media integrations • marketing consultation

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