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Berry Interesting developed this HTML5 Bootstrap landing page for Kentucky Attorney Joshua FarleyAs much as we love WordPress, sometimes it’s just not the answer for a small business. For some businesses, an HTML landing page or microsite is all that’s ever needed, and it’s the most affordable ongoing option. For others, it is an affordable yet highly customizable place to start their web presence while they plan for the expense of a content management system like WordPress.

These HTML landing pages require a much smaller hit to overhead while allowing a company to keep the ownership of the site in-house. Additionally, the owners can go about the work of building their own business without having to worry about learning how to use a website builder like Weebly, Wix, or SquareSpace.

Farley Law

For Attorneys Joshua Farley & Dennis Howard, their new partnership went from zero to sixty in a matter of weeks, leaving them in a bit of a panic over what to do about their web presence. In the interest of creating an immediate solution that would allow for them to get a better idea of their cash flow before investing thousands in the WordPress website they ultimately plan to build, we customized landing pages that would allow for potential clients to find out more information and contact them.Berry Interesting developed this HTML5 Bootstrap landing page for Tennessee Privacy Attorney Wendee Hilderbrand

Tennessee Privacy Law

Wendee Hilderbrand had attempted to use GoDaddy’s Website Builder to create a website for her Tennessee Privacy Law practice, but was unhappy with the builder and unhappy with the results. Based on her design, Berry Interesting customized an HTML landing page that is visually almost identical to what she envisioned, while allowing for a better site presentation across all devices, desktop and mobile.

PopFusion Pops

PopFusion Pops is an adorable little popsicle business in Crandall, TX, run by two friends who each have full-time jobs. They have bootstrapped the entire operation and operate on a shoestring. Berry Interesting developed this HTML5 Bootstrap landing page for popsicle company PopFusion Pops in Crandall, TXChoosing to put most of their budget into a high-quality logo, an HTML landing page was the perfect solution for their web presence. It allows them to showcase their delicious product while keeping their overhead low as they built their business plan and considered their ongoing budget.

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