client spotlight: Laura Curtis Music

Laura Curtis spent 9 months in Nashville birthing a new EP before heading home to Oregon. Luckily, BIPI was still on her mind although she was hundreds of miles away when it came time to publish her music.

Starting with designing a logotype and mark that could be used on the album cover as well as promotional materials that could outlive the album itself, we worked closely with Curtis to create a look that would represent her homegrown, Americana sound and fit with the photography she had done for the cover.

After working with a black-and-white version of the logotype and mark, we set about incorporating them, along with her chosen photographs, into a disc jacket that could be used for digital promotions as well as on physical copies of her EP.

We then worked with her to create a new WordPress website (moving from the limited design capabilities of HostBaby) that gave her more control over the visual presentation of the site across devices, allowed her to update the site content herself from the Dashboard. She hopes to eventually sell her own tracks and merchandise through a self-hosted online store; for now, she links out to iTunes and Spotify so that fans can connect with her there.

services provided as a part of this project: email marketing consultation • logo & brand development • album cover design • WordPress website development • search engine optimization • ecommerce consultation • WordPress Support

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