client spotlight: fluid glass movements

When glassblower Michael Allison first came to us, he was in crisis. He and his previous web developer had a disagreement that left him with no website at all.

Working with his hosting provider, we rescued his HTML site and secured his hosting account so that his online portfolio was accessible and representing his art and philosophy.

Over the past couple of years, we helped him add new work to his portfolio, edited the contact form on his site, and edited various bits of information. His site required very minimal upkeep; we made updates probably a total of 4 times a year.

However, in 2015, thanks to a change in GoDaddy’s hosting product, Allison’s contact form stopped working, and he decided to take that opportunity to recreate the site so that it would both have a more modern look as well as be device-responsive and work on smartphones, tablets and desktop computers alike. He had no desire to update the site himself but keeping the site affordable was a must – as a self-supporting glass artist, keeping his overhead low is a priority!

Click the thumbnails above to see the redesigned Fluid Glass Movements website

Still, he needed more than a landing page to showcase his work and maintain his online presence. By customizing an HTML5 bootstrap template, BIPI moved his portfolio to a much sleeker interface that allows for more of his work to be shown and for the user to choose which works to view more closely. His biography, artist statement and contact page all got a much needed overhaul that allowed for greater user accessibility. We also added a “Press” section that uses a blog-like format to feature Allison’s press-mentions as either links or as individual pages, depending on the depth of the article.

His new site represents him in a much more professional way while still keeping his costs low so that he can focus on creating even more of his beautiful glass & metal art using his proprietary “liquid light” method.

services provided as a part of this project: HTML website development • search engine optimization

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