Join us every month for mastermind collaborations

a macro photo of red raspberries sits behind a collage of abstract shapes in various states of transparency. Over the top of the image are the words 'Register today! Mastermind collaboration'
If your attention was otherwise occupied over the last few months (and who could blame you?), consider this your official notice: once a month, D’nelle is hosting “masterminds” via zoom on various topics that are of interest to website owners specifically, and digital denizens in general. Thanks to some excellent advice from our favorite marketing strategy consultants, Jasz Rae Digital, and some really fantastic experiences hwile giving this a try over the last 4 months, we’ve plotted out a full year of sessions focused on making you a better, more creative, less stressed, and (hopefully!) happier internet user when it comes to marketing yourself or your business.

As we dial in each month’s topics, we’ll be posting them out here on our website, along with links to register via zoom.

Every month is different, and the topic we set is more of a guideline/starting point than a hard-and-fast focus. Inspiration for the topic each month comes from our own experience of the challenges we face in marketing, promoting, and growing our own business. Past and planned topics range from marketing tips, ideas for internal operations optimization, ways to turn your website into a revenue-generating tool, and more. You’ll encounter experts and novices alike, and have an opportunity to share things that have worked for you as well as ask questions of other attendees.

Full disclosure, this is a bit selfish on our parts… working remotely and asynchronously comes with a hefty dose of solitude, and we’ve found these monthly sessions to be energizing and refreshing after long, quiet days alone at our desks. Thus far, they’ve been an excellent way to meet new people and find inspiration to keep plugging away at our own content marketing. Our last session of 2022 was especially inspirational; we discussed ways to turn new clients into loyal customers that return again and again (or subscribe to our services on an ongoing basis), and that led to a blog post with tips from actual, working wellness professionals on strategies for new client retention.

The goal of these sessions is to bring together folks who have their own areas of expertise as well as their own unique blind spots, so that we can pool our collective knowledge and support each other as we grow and evolve. We’ve penciled in the meeting dates for the first or second Tuesday of the month, but that will be subject to change based on any travel that might pop up, especially during the event-heavy summer months. Right now, our dates and topics are plotted out through June of this year, but we’re very much open to suggestions from you! If you have any burning questions or particular challenges you’re facing, drop us a line with suggestions for future sessions or even just to request to be added to our email list to be notified of future dates (we’ve got a list specifically for our masterminds so that you don’t get deluged with other stuff).

We can’t wait to see what a full year of group collaboration brings, and we hope that we’ll see your smiling face in the zoom grid sometime soon!