Client Spotlight: How Fidelis CPAs Saves 20 Hours A Month During Tax Season Thanks To BIPi

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About Fidelis CPAs

Fidelis CPAs is an accounting firm in Denver whose mission is to educate clients on their tax obligations so they can define their financial goals, make informed decisions, and build successful businesses.

Through a client-centric approach that emphasizes communication, professionalism, and trust, Fidelis CPAs provides personalized guidance that simplifies taxes for small and medium-sized businesses through every stage of growth — from forming a business and restructuring all the way through selling the company.

Founder Kenneth Thrower opened Fidelis CPAs because he saw a need for professional, competent individuals to assist with taxes so business owners of all sizes could avoid costly penalties and oversights.

“We want every client to walk away knowing what their tax situation is so they can plan accordingly, make informed decisions, and have the tools they need to become successful,” says Kenneth. “I see too many businesses fail because they weren’t clear on their tax obligations. I hate when people need to go back to a W2. I want to see people pursue their dreams and passions.”

The Challenge

Finding the Right Partner to Build a Reputable Web Presence

As Fidelis CPA grew, they needed a reputable, professional looking website to demonstrate their legitimacy as an accounting firm, educate prospects about the services, and share information with their network of business owners around Denver.

They initially hired a developer to build the site. But from the start, the project was disorganized and never properly scoped. Over time, Kenneth found himself taking on the work of building the website — despite having already paid for the engagement and needing to focus on running his business.

“I’m not a web designer and I couldn’t do this myself.” says Kenneth. “But after a while, I felt like I was the one designing the website.”

When the website finally launched, it didn’t meet Kenneth’s initial vision of a clean, professional-looking digital storefront. To establish Fidelis CPAs’s authority, Kenneth needed someone who could update the site, maintain it over the long term, and bring his vision to life.

The Solution

Building a Worry-Free Website with a Trusted Team

Fidelis CPAs connected with Berry Interesting shortly after finishing the first website. When the project began, Berry Interesting assessed their needs, determined the scope of work, and provided personalized recommendations not only for fixing the site, but also for updating it as business needs evolved.

“With Berry Interesting, they laid out everything so I knew what was going on,” says Kenneth. “They were responsive, communicative, and made the whole process easy.”

As part of the package, Berry Interesting improved the website’s overall flow, made the backend more intuitive, and enhanced the user experience with a new color scheme, on-brand photos, and content that reflected Fidelis CPAs’s services. But what really differentiated Berry Interesting was their professionalism, service, and responsive communication. By delivering a white glove experience that emphasized organization, project management, and timely communication, Berry Interesting made updating Fidelis CPAs’s website seamless.

“It’s been a difference of night and day. Now, I have a working website and I don’t feel like people are landing on it and questioning if I’m a legitimate CPA,” says Kenneth. “With Berry Interesting, there’s responsiveness. I see communication and progress updates. I have my own punch list of things that need to be done on my end. It’s not starting over from scratch every time.”

The Outcome

Growing the Business with a Website that Gets Results

Today, Fidelis CPA has a beautiful, user-friendly website that can evolve with the business. Kenneth is proud to share it with prospects, clients, and business owners in his network, and feels like he’s in good hands any time he needs to make a website update.

“There’s a lot of mutual trust with Berry Interesting,” says Kenneth. “Everything they’ve done thus far has made me feel like I’m in good hands and that they are capable and competent to take care of my page..”

Compared to the previous developer, Kenneth estimates that working with Berry Interesting saves between 12-20 hours per month for Fidelis CPAs during tax season, which translates to a value of $2,000-3,500 for the business. The new website has also been integral to growing the business and finding new clients.

Beyond the boost in sales and the financial and time savings, Kenneth says having a trusted partner he can turn to for website help has been transformational for his business.

“For me, the biggest impact is peace of mind because it’s one less thing I’ve had to worry about,” says Kenneth. “My website is in competent hands and it’s done well. It’s allowed me to focus on my business.”

“I don’t know that I can speak highly enough about Berry Interesting – the professionalism, the communication, and the final product,” says Kenneth. “It’s very organized and I’m extremely process driven, so it’s fantastic to see there’s always steady movement. It’s phenomenal.”
– Kenneth Thrower, CPA

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