Client Spotlight: sprclldr

project management • client communications • WordPress management • site map development

Kenneth White’s WordPress development agency sprclldr partnered with us in 2014 for our unique combination of WordPress knowledge and client/project management skills, and we’ve had a long and happy relationship ever since.

It’s not easy speaking both geek and layperson, but that’s our specialty.

While sprclldr works on projects that are much larger than the ones that BIPI chooses to take on, those projects still benefit from the handholding that we’re so very good at! So far we’ve worked on four projects together, with BIPI doing such tasks as client communication management & training (just call us the “client happiness liaison”!), site map development, WordPress Dashboard content & SEO management and wireframe development.

We’ve also been lucky enough to get to use sprclldr’s higher-level development knowledge for several BIPI projects, secure in the knowledge that if a project takes us beyond our in-house skill-sets, we can still provide an excellent final project for our clients.

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