client spotlight: Melissa Holobach

screenshot of the newly redesigned homepage of Melissa Holobach's website

Redesign of Professional WordPress Site and Blog: Melissa’s Corner

When Melissa Holobach received her most recent award for her professional accomplishments, she wanted a web presence that truly reflected her professionalism, experience, and expertise as an executive in manufacturing. She contacted Berry Interesting for a basic WordPress website rebuild that would reflect her professional image and could also handle the anticipated new traffic from the press surrounding her award . After reviewing the original WordPress site, they decided that Berry Interesting Productions should build a new, 4 page site using the Divi Builder.

The primary focus of this rebuild was to maintain the presence of “Melissa’s Corner: Leadership, and Then Some” without any major redirection. The public web presence already established was sufficient. The content was rich and professional. So, what was Melissa’s Corner 2.0 going to be like? 

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We decided that all copy from the original site would be brought over word for word. The new site followed the same structure as before: Home, About Me, and Blog. To represent the scope of Melissa’s professional accomplishment, the design and aesthetic had to change. A new color palette modernized the layout of every page, while reflecting the strength of a clean and simple typography from the original site. The new engaging design better represents Melissa’s skill and acumen to site visitors.

Design for Melissa’s Corner was primarily refreshed by the new, updated images that showcase her professionalism as well as the depth and complexity of her industry expertise. This was in cooperation with the client’s preferences and scope. Ultimately, the site’s visitor is invited from the home page to engage. This invitation is repeated in nuanced ways on every page of the site.

Retaining a streamlined design for the blog posts ensures that regular readers find it easy to focus on the content and discussion rather than relying on distracting visuals. A true throwback to those golden days of the internet as a place for reading and collections of knowledge. Melissa’s corner is a perfect example of the engaging and effective story-telling that we strive for at BIPi.

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Click on the thumbnails to see images of the redesigned site.

The Melissa’s Corner website was built using the Divi Builder from Elegant Themes. If you’re curious about how Berry Interesting Productions can help your team build an outstanding website, we’re always happy to help! Drop us a line or book a consultation directly with our fearless leader, D’nelle. You can also sign up to get emails from Berry Interesting, and we’ll keep you in the loop.

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