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Growing strong relationships

The majority of the Berry Interesting team has been together, in one way or another, for over ten years. We’ve grown organically (no pesticides here!) from a one-woman greenhouse to a thriving little farm with roots across the country.

What brought us together – a preoccupation-bordering-on-obsession with cultivating quality, long-term relationships among ourselves and with clients – is what gets us out of bed in the morning today. We’re excited that you want to meet us, and we can’t wait to meet you!

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D’nelle Dowis

Mountain Time | GMT -7
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A native of Georgia and long-time Tennessee resident, D’nelle founded Berry Interesting in 2006 to help clients tell their stories in ways that are bigger, better, and brighter than what they envisioned on their own. Today, she calls Colorado home.

Her favorite part of working for BIPi is the choose-your-own-adventure nature of the work; from client on-boarding and growing the WordPress community to project management for web and live events, there’s never a dull moment.

When she’s not at her desk or at a venue, she likes to go hiking, practice yoga, tend to her backyard garden, and experiment with new baking recipes.

Chris Dowis

Owner, COO
Mountain Time | GMT -7
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Chris joined Berry Interesting in 2017 after 20 years as a touring drum tech and 6 years of supporting founder D’nelle Dowis as she built the digital side of the business. Chris keeps our road operations running like a well-oiled machine, serving as a stage manager, back line tech, and teleprompter operator. On the digital end of things, he’s responsible for all of our in-house client photography needs, including product photography for eCommerce and content generation for social media channels.

When he’s not on the on the road, you can find him at his electronic drum kit or traipsing around Colorado back roads, searching for the perfect nature photo.

Kari Kuefler

Project Manager
Central Time | GMT -6

Kari joined the BIPi team in late 2020, taking over email marketing account services.

A native of Illinois, Kari brings a wealth of event marketing and production management knowledge. She’s worked on a project basis with BIPi since 2013 and is our resident email marketing expert. Prior to the changes that COVID-19 imposed on the music industry, Kari spent years as a sales director for live concert VIP events. Like most music industry professionals, 2020 brought a sharp pivot to her work, and has allowed her to focus more time on digital projects.

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Marissa Ezell

Senior Developer
Eastern Time | GMT -5

Marissa Ezell joined BIPi in 2018 as a content specialist and quickly proved herself to be a brilliant designer and crack WordPress developer.

Marissa realized she had a knack for web development when she started building her own websites. Since those DIY beginnings, she has greatly expanded her coding and design skills. She relishes in finding the perfect stock images, implementing custom features, and helping client’s ideas come to life on the web. Marissa is also a child play therapist with a small online private practice. She loves being able to use creativity in order to solve problems and accomplish goals.

In her free time (what is free time?), you’ll likely find Marissa treasure hunting at a thrift store, reading YA fiction, daydreaming about her next travel adventure, or baking some delicious pound cake.

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Kimberly Bond

Content Specialist
Eastern Time | GMT -5
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Kimberly Bond, writer, editor, and mom of one, practiced intellectual property law for eight years. With a background in law and molecular biology, Kimberly specializes in pieces about law, politics, culture, science, health, and medicine. Kimberly recently appeared on Jeopardy! and loves reading, cooking, and music.

Cecelia “Cece” Dowis

VP of Barketing
Mountain Time | GMT -7
Cecelia joined Berry Interesting in the winter of 2013. She has handled all of our internal barketing needs from the beginning and was promoted to VP in the fall of 2015 in recognition of her outstanding efforts to promote the brand.
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Rhiannon “Annie” Dowis

Director of Paw-perations
Mountain Time | GMT -7
Annie started at Berry Interesting as a temp in the summer of 2015 and quickly proved her worth around the office, so much so that she joined the team permanently that fall. Not only does she keep things running smoothly around the office, she’s currently working to develop our internal H Arrrrrr manual and build a robust napping policy for the team.
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