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What We Do

We thrive down in the dirt of details, specializing in website maintenance, support, and strategic growth. Partner with us to unburden yourself of technical tasks that steal your time so you can focus on nurturing your brand’s digital presence. We’ll tend to the details.

Why We Do It

Our motivation springs from stories of resilience. From flooded store openings to overworked marketing heroes, we’ve seen it all. We’re here to make the internet a better place, to simplify lives through enduring websites. Discover why we’re passionate about helping you thrive.

If you’ve found your way to our site, there’s no question that you’re a digital marketing pro. You’re insightful, creative, and totally capable of crafting innovative strategies that support your brand’s growth. But – if you’re like most of our clients – you’re finding yourself regularly dragged away from actual marketing tasks by unexpected technical glitches, website bugs, and maybe even some colleagues who don’t quite get just how important your work – and your expertise – is to the big picture. Frustrating, right?

This is where Berry Interesting (BIPi to our besties) steps in! We fervently believe that marketing teams (even teams of one) deserve to focus on what they’re best at: creativity, strategy, and cultivating a deep understanding of their brand and clients.

Our unconventional mix of irreverent wit, empathetic advice, and technical expertise is your trusty lifeline out of the digital marketing weeds. We’re all about helping you overcome those technical obstacles that are hindering your (and your brand’s) growth. Trust us to handle the techy stuff so that all of your energy goes into making your brand (and you, of course) flourish.

Support for digital marketers in every season

Yes, we’re nerdy little developers at heart, but what we really dig is helping you avoid distractions like DIY fixes, tricky integrations, and time-sucking technical glitches. Our goal is simple: provide relief from (and brilliant advice about) the tech stuff so that you can stay focused on the strategy instead of the suck. Here’s how we do it:

Tech-savvy caretaking

We’re like your personal little garden gnome, keeping a watchful eye on your digital landscape while you’re busy doing the heavy lifting. Our website support packages offer comprehensive monitoring and proactive maintenance of all the tech tasks that, without attention, could quickly become a thorn in your side. We handle everything from routine software updates to monitoring security alerts to ensuring your site looks great across all devices. We catch and fix minor issues before they turn into major headaches, allowing you to focus on cultivating your marketing strategies.

Thoughtful automations & integrations

As we get to know your unique challenges and pain points, we can ideate and execute automations & integrations that make your day-to-day work less time-consuming and more productive, automating the mundane so you can focus on the creative. We then ensure these systems run smoothly on an ongoing basis, giving you confidence that you’re always working with the most up-to-date, accurate information and free from tedious tasks.

Consistent, long-term support

We provide consistent, long-term support – both technical and emotional – to help your marketing strategies blossom and flourish. We can handle anything from new content formatting and publishing, to organizing your digital assets, and even vetting and coordinating with specialists when needed. With us by your side, navigating the complexities of digital marketing is less like a jungle, and more like a walk in a well-tended park.

Ready to reclaim your time and let your marketing prowess shine?

Contact the Berry Interesting team today for a support plan tailored to your specific needs, or dig deeper into the ready-made support plans we offer (we’re betting one of them will work perfectly for you).

Not sure you’re ready for a long-term relationship?

That’s exactly why we created Technical Site Assessment services. They’re our secret weapon for finding out #WhatsRightWithYourSite, and the results will undoubtedly be your secret to getting the internal buy-in and support you need to finally say goodbye to your current website frustrations once and for all.

It’s time to bring the focus back
on your marketing brilliance –
Berry Interesting handles the dirty work
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