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Berry Interesting Productions, Inc. - a digital marketing consultancy in Nashville, TNSit back, relax, and let us tell you a little about how we came to be, what we are, and what we hope to be. Can we get you a drink? Sometimes our stories are better accompanied by a little drink…

In 2006, BIPI owner D’nelle Throneberry Dowis was at an impasse. After 6 months of looking for her first post-college job, she sat, hard at work, in an office above Main Street in Franklin, TN, where she was using her design, layout and copywriting skills working at a local newspaper. While she was there, learning that the real world is kinda tough to navigate, two things happened.

First, she discovered Emma’s email marketing platform (thanks to the newspaper’s e-news blasts) that would allow any business – for a very low cost-of-entry – to communicate professionally, elegantly, and efficiently. Second, a friend asked her to work on his dad’s World War II memoir. These two very different projects combined made D’nelle think it would be a great idea to start her own business, focusing on helping small clients – whether they’re interested in business or personal projects – learn how to make the most of their resources by being smart, efficient and, above all, genuine.

Since then, BIPI has blossomed into a thriving digital marketing consultancy. At any give time, we’ve got about ten active site management clients. We’ve customized over 35 websites (mostly using WordPress), managed Emma email marketing accounts, administered a large, WordPress-based website for a local start-up, and managed numerous social media channels for clients of all sizes. We are currently actively searching for bigger and better (as well as smaller and more modest) projects. At the center of our digital marketing consultancy remains a commitment to client education, strategies based on both analytics and intuition, and making the most of whatever resources we’ve got.

While we welcome the easy, finite projects like customizing a podcast website, developing a logo or managing social media channels, our favorite projects are those where clients are interested in taking a hands-on approach to their own marketing, learning how to be strong self-advocates and committing to their marketing and branding as an ongoing project.

BIPI’s approach to every design and publishing project starts with “outstanding”. No matter what size or shape your pursuits take, we can help you navigate the big, often-confusing concept of “marketing yourself” in an ever-changing information landscape so that you can take a hands-on role in making your product or business shine.

Check out our services page to get an idea of what we can do to help you be outstanding, and don’t hesitate to ask us any lingering questions you might have.

All the best,

Love, Berry Interesting Productions, Inc.